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5 Tips for the Best London Hotel Stay

Are you looking to get the most out of your next hotel stay? We believe staying in a hotel should be one of life’s great pleasures – A way to escape the norm and to enjoy a bit of relaxation and luxury. So, whether you are traveling for pleasure or even business, you want to make sure that you enjoy your hotel stay to the full. Here are our 5 top tips to help you maximise your London stay and leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed. 

  1. Do your Research 
    Look into the amenities your hotel has to offer so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve your stay. Is there a gym? Could you book a spa treatment? Do you have breakfast included? It is also useful to spend some time looking at the local area, finding where you would like to stay and seeing if any events are on. If the hotel has a concierge, make sure to utilise their trained expertise and ask for recommendations for local restaurants and attractions. The worst thing would be getting home and realising you missed out, so plan ahead to save the disappointment. 
  2. Personalise your Stay 
    Why not bring a few items from home to help you to settle in? Don’t be afraid to bring your own pillow, a photo or two or your favourite snacks. These can bring added comfort and enhance your stay further. 
  3. Book Direct 
    Everyone loves a discount especially on hotel room rates. Did you know booking directly with a hotel rather than using third party sites like and can often result in a discount? You may be able to negotiate better rates or get additional perks, such as free upgrades or late check-out. You will likely also have more control over your reservation and be able to make changes or cancellations more easily if needed. 
  4. Extend your Stay 
    Most hotels offer the option to request an early check-in or a later check-out. This can really add an extra level of relaxation to your stay  
  5. Be Friendly and Polite 
    Our last point is to make sure you are polite and friendly to hotel staff. This will make your stay more pleasant and ensure that your requests are resolved as quickly as possible. You may even get a few upgrades! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our tips and tricks to enhance your hotel stay. If you are looking for a hotel in London then look no further than The Bentley Hotel South Kensington. We have a whole host of amenities to enjoy and take your stay to the next level, including our unique Turkish Hammam located in our luxury London spa facilities. You may also find our blog useful which gives latest news and events for the local area to help you enhance your stay. We will also offer a discount and extra perks when you book direct with us. So whether you need business accommodation in London or you are planning your next London vacation, The Bentley Hotel will tick all your boxes.