Spa Packages


Voted :the best facial in the world: by The Times, this is the treatment that most people start with and continue with until their skin is balanced and clear of major congestion. Enjoyed regularly by the entire cast of :Friends: to ensure that they have clean and bright complexions. This is the only safe extraction facial. The oxygen sterilises both the therapist's hands and the client's skin, and makes sure that there is no risk of cross infection. The oxygen then goes deep into the skin creating a force and an energy that pushes trapped toxins and congestion, up towards the surface for easy extraction. Finally the same oxygen works to heal and repair the skin following extraction. Results are visibly clearer skin not swollen or angry. Suitable for both men and women living in London where pollution is high and the skin needs that helping hand.

75min £85


This facial is essential for good skin maintenance. It works on anti-ageing principles to maintain the skin. The ideal once a week treatment for your skin. A divine, holistic, hand on treatment with no mechanical intervention. Results give an instant face-lift and radiance that lasts long after you have left the salon, making it a truly unique experience. Using mild fruit enzyme serums, to gently exfoliate, this facial reveals fresh oxygenated youthful skin. Voted top in a review of all other top of the range salon facials, this treatment is a true age management, skin maintenance treatment. Essential for smoker's, whose skin is starved of vital nutrients. This treatment guarantees long term dividends. Skin looks fresher more vibrant, instantly, and gives the appearance of having just completed a ski run.

75min £85


The ultimate in the Lunch hour facelift. Although only a 30-minute facial, this treatment is light years ahead of rival :peel: therapy facials. The root to its enhanced performance lies in the ancient art of ACUPRESSURE, and the Amazing benefits of Herzog's patented Oxygen therapy. In this treatment we use our strongest percentage of oxygen (3.6%). This converts to oxygen gas, as do all Herzog's oxygen formulas when applied to human skin. This conversion causes an increase in pressure with the oxygen gas being denser than the liquid. The higher the oxygen content, the stronger and greater the pressure. It follows therefore, that by using 3.6% liquid oxygen, the pressure generated is great. As the cream rapidly self penetrates deep into the dermis it creates an acupressure effect on the main meridian/pressure points of the face. In conjunction the specific massage technique used in this facial ensures that real energy swirls in and out of each major meridian to ensure that blockages, stress and tension are eliminated, and the face is lifted as a result.

45min £65


Oriental Hammam

Experience a blend of the Far East combined with a North African Tradition. The treatment starts with an Oriental Foot washing ceremony in a bath of Rose petals and appropriate essential oils. Then proceed into the Hammam where you will have a desert sands exfoliating scrub with orange flower water essential oil, Thermal Moroccan Clay Mask and traditional rinse on completion.

45min £95

Combination Hammam

Traditional Hammam exfoliation using Turkish black olive soap and essential oils, done with traditional goat's hair Hammam glove, traditional rinse and half hour relaxing massage.

60min £110


Massage is focused on relaxing the body and reviving the spirit at the same time utilizing the luxurious Karin Herzog range - true beauty is manifested from the inside out. We offer a variety of massages which can help to restore a balanced energy flow to the body, easing muscular tension, dispersing the buildup of fatty tissue and softening the skin

The Unique Le Kalon Body Scrub

Exfoliation of the skin using a special Turkish glove to eliminate dead skin cells and to relax, refresh and revitalize

30min £40

A slice of Heaven

Drift into another world as your tensions melt away in this heavenly winter warming spa experience. A perfect "Slice of Heaven" that will leave you rejuvenated from top to toe!

Your journey begins in our beautiful Traditional Turkish Hammam : as the gentle warmth surrounds you, you'll immediately feel more relaxed as tired and aching muscles will begin to ease. Then the wonders of the hot stone ancient massage therapy will help further melt away tensions whilst bringing overall wellbeing to mind and body. Slowly working up, a targeted neck and shoulder massage will ease away areas of particular stress before a La Sultane de Saba prescriptive express facial to suit your skin type will remove impurities, soften and smooth the skin. Leave feeling radiantly glowing from the inside out and from top to toe!

90min £200

Jetlag Treatment

Feel revived and uplifted after your tiring journey with our aromatherapy scrub & detoxifying massage

90min £120

Aromatherapy Massage

This is a treatment done with essential oils. The holistic power of essential oils issued to enhance relaxation, your mood and improve your body's performance.

30min £40
60min £80

Indian Head Massage

A wonderful treatment that will relieve stress and mental fatigue while improving circulation and increasing blood and oxygen supply to the scalp. This is good for people who spend lots of time in front of a computer.

15min £25
30min £40


Manicures & Pedicures

All the manicures and Pedicures below are suitable for both Male and Female guests.
O2 Manicure - Detoxifying / Stimulating 45min £40.00
O2 Pedicure - Detoxifying / Stimulating 45min £45.00
Chocolate Manicure - Ultimate Indulgence 1hr £40.00
Chocolate Pedicure - Ultimate Indulgence 1hr £50.00
Luxury Manicure 1hr £50.00
Luxury Pedicure 1hr £55.00
Re-varnish 20min £22.00


Half leg 30mins £25.00
Full leg 45mins £38.00
Bikini line 15mins £20.00
Full leg & bikini line 1hr £42.00
Under arm 10mins £15.00
Upper lip 10mins £12.00
Arm wax 30mins £25.00
Eyebrow 10mins £12.00
Chin wax 10mins £12.00
Back wax 30mins from £40.00
Chest wax 30mins from £40.00


Eyebrows 20mins £16.00
Upper Lip 15mins £12.00
Chin 15mins £12.00
Forehead 15mins £12.00
Full Face 45mins £30.00
Full Face and Neck 1hour £40.00


Hopi Ear Candles 15mins £35.00
Eyelash tinting £20.00
Eyebrow tinting £15.00
Eyelash perming £30.00
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting £30.00

Hot Stones

Hopi Candles with Head Massage 30mins £50.00
Hot Stone Massage 30mins £60.00 / 60mins £105.00
Full Body Hot Stone Massage including Face 90mins £140
Foot Hot Stones Massage 30mins £35.00


Self-Use Hammam 30mins £45.00
Neck & Shoulder Massage with any Facial £10.00
Use of Spa Facilities £25.00



Pampered Teen

This package is ideal as a unique gift for that teen that has everything or wants to be the talking point of all their friends. It starts with the Spa collecting your teen with one of our Chauffeur driven C class Mercedes and delivering them to the Hotel. Their day then starts with a Pore draw facial designed specifically to target those areas of a teenagers skin that need extra care at their age, such as acne, block pores, spots and black heads, leaving them with radiant skin that will impress all their friends. A complimentary Smoothie of their choice is then offered. After this they will have a Chocolate manicure done with a colour of their choice, which they can keep. We will then deliver them back home or to a friend's house so they can show off their new look. Suitable only for Teens that are 16 years old or above.

3hrs £180

Le Kalon Tranquillity

Heat treatment - Sauna - to soothe and relax, followed by the Turkish Bath (Hammam) to take all those stress factors. Then onto a Scrub followed by an Indian Head massage and finally an Eastern Massage - with a complimentary glass of Champagne - to add the final touch to the perfect day

2hrs £155

All our Packages at the Spa include a selection of petrifies glass of champagne and use of all the facilities such as Relaxation room, Saunas, gymnasium and Hammam (If available, by appointment only). (Except for Teen Package where no Facilities are allowed to be used due to age restrictions and Licensing Requirements

All prices stated are per person